Don’t ask Bill Belichick if he’d bench Tom Brady for his backup quarterback

There’s times when you ask obvious questions in journalism just to get something officially on the record. Asking whether Tom Brady would start when his four-game suspension was up might have been too obvious. C’mon now.

And especially, you don’t want to ask Bill Belichick that. You know this’ll be his reaction. You just know it.

To answer everyone’s question, no, it wasn’t me.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) July 29, 2016
There’s a joke here somewhere that Belichick just announced Jesus Christ will be his new starting quarterback. But seriously, Jesus is probably the only person who could take Tom Brady’s role on the Patriots, and maybe not even.

Roster spots are valuable and few teams even keep three quarterbacks when it’s time to trim down to 53 players. In 2000, the New England Patriots elected to keep four quarterbacks into the regular season rather than cut ties with a sixth-round rookie named Tom Brady who they thought might turn out alright. But that decision was a rare exception and keeping Fitzpatrick, Smith, Petty and Hackenberg into September isn’t realistic.

The second element McAdoo exhibits that matters is his approach to adversity. I asked him on Thursday that what if it all blows up early, if nothing works, if struggle comes, if his team gets in an early hole?

His answer: “Well, the first thing you do is you address it head on. And the second thing you do is you never flinch.”

He looked forceful, direct and confident when he said it.

The Giants training camp unfolds, the preseason games come and the season commences on Sept. 11 at Dallas. They look hungry enough to play that game this weekend.

“I liked the look in their eyes,” McAdoo said after their first camp team meeting.

It was likely easy for him to recognize. It mirrors his own.

Johnson put up Hall of Fame caliber numbers in his 12 seasons with the Houston Texans, leading the league in catches and yards twice while amassing more than 1,000 receiving yards seven times. His best year was 2008, when he caught 115 passes for 1,575 yards.

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