NFL Network suspends Brian Baldinger for saying Eagles should put a bounty on Ezekiel Elliott

NFL Network analyst and former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger has been suspended after suggesting that the Eagles needed to put a bounty on Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, according to Pro Football Talk.

“This is the guy that that we’ve got to hurt,” Baldinger said of Elliott in a radio interview on Philadelphia’s 97.5 The Fanatic last week. “This is the guy that we’ve got to take out of the game. There’s got to be 10 guys that want to hurt him every single play. In fact, we may even put a little bounty on Ezekiel Elliott.”

The Vikings ran a similar offense last season with a healthy Teddy Bridgewater, and moving the ball with short and intermediate passes was good enough for an average of 22.8 points per game. This year, the Vikings are averaging fewer than 20 points per game. Coupled with the strength of the defense, it was enough to get the Vikings to an 11-5 record and a playoff bid in 2015.

Given his experience with Bradford, Shurmur should have a good idea of his quarterback’s skill set and limitations. Bradford said he has a good relationship with his new offensive coordinator.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with Pat,” Bradford said. “I think he’s a great football mind.”

Just a shift in timing and coaching Bradford to get the ball out more quickly could help Shurmur put the Vikings in a better position to protect their quarterback and succeed. It doesn’t matter if the Vikings dink and dunk their way to wins, as long as they turn things around.

The Vikings also confirmed that tight ends coach Pat Shurmur will serve as the interim offensive coordinator.

After starting the season 5-0, Minnesota is coming off two consecutive losses that can be pinned mostly on the Vikings’ stagnant offense. The Vikings are 31st in the NFL in total offense, averaging 293.3 yards per game. Minnesota’s 19.9 points per game places them 23rd in the league.

When Zimmer was hired as the head coach in 2014, he brought Turner on board as the offensive coordinator. Zimmer publicly criticized the offensive line after the team’s first loss.

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