this was Boston’s first signature win of the season

Game Mens Will Clarke Jersey This might affect free agents like Curry and Blake Griffin this coming summer and perhaps players like Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins in 2018. It’s a small group, but these are important players to their teams, and this time frame has been when most of the megastars have been leaving their teams. Also, the new rules mean superstars who meet these criteria can be offered extensions and the promise of this huge money before they even become free agents.

The life cycle of an NBA superstar will now look like this: After being drafted, he signs a four-year rookie contract. Before that contract ends he signs a four or five-year extension. Before that contract ends he signs a five-year extension. A superstar who wants to maximize his salary may not hit the open market until he’s played 14 seasons in the league.

All of this while his cupboard is stacked with dead-weight contracts in Andersen and Mo Williams that he would love to move to cut down on what is easily the highest payroll — and thus highest luxury tax bill down the line — in NBA history.

In a season that has been hampered by complacency — that’s what that three-game losing streak last month was all about — Smith’s injury also could delay what many believed would be the unofficial starting point of the season come Christmas Day. Either the Cavs would beat the Golden State Warriors and get a boost in the arm as they head toward the final two-thirds of the schedule, or the Cavs lose to the Dubs and know how much they have to work on.

Game Mens Sebastian Janikowski Jersey That he wore a shirt with the LeBron James Family Foundation’s logo emblazoned on the breast pocket for his first media remarks since skipping the road game against the Memphis Grizzlies certainly could have been taken as him trying to send a message: Want to criticize me? Look at what’s across my heart.

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